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Welcome to My Shiny New Website!

I have finally done the “professional” thing and taken a break from writing to make a website.  Yippee!

As you may have guessed by now, we writers are not necessarily the most gifted when it comes to graphic design, so bear with me.  If you really can’t bear it any longer you can always go back to my Amazon Page.

Seriously, this page is cool if you want free stories, advanced info of new books, or even if you want to give your hints and suggestions about what I could write next!  I am a broadminded person - honest!

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I mean it about getting in touch by the way.  Message me on Twitter @mirandamailer, or if you like drop me a line:


Dark Dreams White Lies Never Understand

Dark Dreams White Lies

#1, #2 and #3

Never Understand #1 #2 and #3

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The THIRD part of Dark Dreams White Lies is out right now on Amazon Kindle!

Dark Dreams White Lies #3: The Deal

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